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Post Info TOPIC: A Bitter Canadian's Perspective of Live 8
Are you dissapointed by the fact that non-uk residents can't go see the Live 8 show in London? [6 vote(s)]

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A Bitter Canadian's Perspective of Live 8


Hi, I'm Dina, a 21 year old environmental student from
Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I'm writting to express my
disapointment about the live 8 concert that Sir Bob
Geldof is organising throughout the world. How happy
was I to discover that the concerts coincided with my
trip to London this summer. Being from the GTA (Greater
Toronto Area), its a little more than difficult to
fight for tickets to high-profile concerts such as U2,
Coldplay, etc. Why is it that Live 8 is only making
itself available to Americans, French, Germans,
Italians and Brittons when Canada is the most active
peace-keeping nation on earth.

Canada is currently contributing 0.005% of it's
standing military force to UN peacekeeping missions
abroad. It may seem like a small amout, but compare it
to the USA's 0.0003% contribution, or Italy's 0.0007%,
Canada is doing pretty good.

Another thing that we understand here in the great
white north is that foreign aid is a necessity. France
also seemed to get the idea, leading the pack by using
0.0036% of it's GDP towards foreign aid, followed by
the UK and Germany. Canada comes next, sending 0.0012%,
that's twice as high as the USA and Italy.

As you can see, Canada is just as great of a
contributor to our global society as the countries
lucky enough to host a live 8 concert. Now, I ask, why
can't Canadians demonstrate awareness with our mother

An explanation would be ever-so-greatly appreciated as
I am genuinely hurt by the fact that I do not even
stand a chance at being able to participate in this
demonstration of global unity.


Dina Harrow


Lookin' After Number 1

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“Burning the candle wick at both ends” will “Live 8 work?”

the impoverished nation’s, whose ignorant minions propagate at alarming rates, parenting (or lack of), religion and war, are some of the excuses used. One religious organization says “No!” to condoms! Their plan “to win by attrition!” having more followers.

…and the viruses did their harm!!!

the 8 nation’s, whose ignorant masses propagate at alarming rates, parenting(or lack of), religion and war, are some of the weapons they use. One political organization says “YES!” to guns! Their plan “to win by attrition!” shooting you all!

…and the viruses knock at their door….

Do you know a hand grenade costs $2.50 Canadian!?

I recently met a man from Zimbabwe. He told me a story of the plight of all the orphaned children whose parents were taken by the ravages of AIDS. He told me he hoped to raise awareness and funds to give them a chance in this world by providing teaching supplies, food, water and clothing. I replied “each child is a blank canvas, waiting to be painted. Give them colourful knowledge and who knows what they will become” He smiled. I gave him a discount for the service he had hired me to do, thinking I had helped him in someway. I realized later, after he had gone, that I was pathetically part of the problem.
How many times do I sit with friends and complain about the world and its many imperfections. Screaming on how to fix each and everyone to my friend who is sitting right next to me, spitting on his face, only to get up the next morning, like a cow to be milked, forgetting everything, but what electronic device I would like to buy and which pocket shall I put it in!

Will Live 8 help!


From the proceeds of sales of videos, CDs, TShirts, Keychains and pencils whose proceeds will be donated…(i think!) And….think of the economic impact it will have in the 8 rich cities and their communities who host the “Save Africa Concerts”

I was just thinking… : ) wouldn’t it have been better to have the concerts all over Africa? Giving the world the opportunity to see the problems first hand…and…..think of the economic impact it would have in the 8 poor cities and their communities who host the “Save AFRICA Concerts!”

I have never visited Africa. I feel I shall have to visit it soon. Maybe then, having seen Africa, first hand will I return and think outside of my box! And try to help in my own country first….eh!

…just a thought 


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I'm sure both you and me are free to participate in the Edinburgh demonstration, and I would if I could. But I am in Dublin that day so I can't.
And I must admit, the reason that I want tickets for the Hyde Park show is because I just would love to be there with all the bands playing and all the people being there. It would be an experience for lifetime! (But I belive that that is the reason why most people want tickets)
I sure would love to see that everyone in the world could have it as good as we Norwegian and Canadians have it, as we are said to be some of the best countries in the world to live in. But I also must admit that I am not dedicated at aiding, I never did much in my life to help the people of Africa. I have been a money collector for aid organizations, i have also given money to money collectors.. but that's about it.
So I can't say that I feel that I have earned a ticket for me and my sister because of my effort to help Africa and other poor countries.

I just want a ticket to me and my sister because it is a once in a life time oppurtinity for us to participate at such a great event. (As it is for everyone else wanting tickets)
So, please.. if anyone that has the power to give us tickets, or know anyone that has the power, or know anyone that knows anyone that has the power (and so on).. think about it will ya? =)

I sent text-messages.. I sent postcards.. I think wrote the right answer..
It is a selfish wish, I know. But please at least give us a chance to get tickets =)
*Bambi-eyes with sugar on top*

Oh, about all the bad grammar and stuff.. I'm norwegian, can't help it.
You should listen to me speaking english =p


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I can somewhat feel your pain Dina. I live in America. I have yet to contribute to any sort of foreign aid whatsoever.

That is not my main plight. My main issue is that I must be at the Western States Youth gathering for Lutherans in Seattle on the 4th, 2 days after Live 8. That leaves me no time. But all of that doesn't amount to the biggest problem.

I'm in Hawaii. I think you'll be closer to a concert than I ever will.

What is my poiny exactly? I have none, just another complainer, like you.

Stay Groovy


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Our colleague Alli says Ottawa has been added. See post under G8 potests.

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