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Post Info TOPIC: Put your action where your mouth is!
Do you think Bob Geldof did enough to come to a real solution for world hunger? [5 vote(s)]

No, he just wants PR for himself
No, but it was a good try
I don't have an opinion
Yes, he did a good job
Yes, he should receive the Nobelprice for peace

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Put your action where your mouth is!


                                                                   July 5th 2005, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dear Mister Geldof,

With great interest I watched the Live 8 concerts last weekend. I am happy that you are using your influence together with persons like Bono to create a better future for Africa.

Nevertheless, I am very sceptical about the impact of Live 8 in relation to the results which should be achieved this week during the G8 negotiations in Edinburgh. The attitude of Prime Minister Tony Blair so far showed very clearly that he says the right things, but is not willing to put his money where his mouth is. And as long as political leaders like Tony Blair refuse to pay for development as agreed upon by the industrialised countries in 1969, millions of people are dying unnecessarily in Africa. My country, The Netherlands, is contributing financially already over 30 years in conformance with the international agreements and we urge Prime Minister Blair to do the same; not within ten years, not within five years, but today! Otherwise, without this contribution of Great Britain, the Millennium Development Goals will not be achieved.

If you really want to contribute to a solution for world hunger, I prompt you to greater efforts. Arrange a meeting and sit down with Prime Minister Blair at 10 Downing Street before the G8 starts and leave his office not earlier until he actually fulfils his financial commitments. In order to make this effort more spectacular, I would suggest you to arrange all international press agencies to surround his office so that this time there is no escape! I am convinced that this type of action, on top of Live 8, will be far more effective than actions taken by you so far. The momentum is now, so please act and make a real difference.

Kind regards,

Zsolt Szabo 

VVD Dutch People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy

Member of Dutch Parliament

Spokesman for Development Co-operation

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who the hell put "no he just wants pr for himself." as an answer! that is the most cynical response to live8 ever...he just wants pr! let me assure who ever wants to hit THAT button, that there are far easier, and alot more comfortable, ways to get pr.

WHY would ANYONE EVER try to organize something as big as Live Aid, or Live 8, to get pr?? that is a ridicolus idea, and it's not logical, is it? If that was what he was after he could have done it in, as I said, easier ways...he could have been out there giving speeches, doing gigs, interviews, whatever....he wouldn't have done Live 8.

"do you think that Bob Geldof did enough to come to a real solution for world hunger?" COME ON! Bob is one of those people who really have done something. He's really worked hard, doing things to help in the ways that he knows how to..He is not a politician, he has NO responsibility for putting an end to world hunger, this we must remember. Some cynics seem to belive that he does, however. No, he hasn't. Bob is just a man, we cannot expect him to have all the answers and solutions for this problem, because he hasn't. There's alot of talk about "people power"...this is the power Bob, and all the involved in live8, the africa commision and so forth, are trying to use. But the real power are in the hands of 8 men.  Sure we can try to make them do "the right thing", we can demonstrate, we can scream and shout, but at the end of the day, those 8 men are the ones who hold our future in their hands.

You seem to forget this. Let me remind you that Bob is just a man. A man who's organised Band Aid, Live Aid, and Live8, sure. This does not, however, give us any right to expect him to put these problems to an end. We simply cannot expect him to do this for us. We can't decide what he should do. We can tell him what we want to, we can hope, but he does what he wants to.

and as far as I'm concerned, Bob has done so much more than most people ever will. How much will he have to do to satisfy you? He's not a saint, he's a singer.

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