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The Fine Art of Surfacing

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Modern leaders........

so having highjacked jule's thread on harping back to 1978, sorry about that jules, i thought it best to start a thread of my own....




do we need leaders?

what makes a good leader?

what good examples of leaders are there today here in the UK?


i think bob was a good example of a leader in this modern day and age.




but there aren't anymore are there?


i mean a leader who leads from the heart and doesnt just reiterate what the current system, firmly concreted into place, advocates. cos thats not leading is it? thats just representing.


in my mind, a good leader, leads others by encouraging people to lead themselves.


its not about being perfect, no leader is perfect.


anyone got any thoughts on this by any chance?


i mean is bob a leader do you think?



^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^

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That wasn't my post.

Yes, I think we need leaders. Not everyone wants to be in front they need guidance and inspiration from others.

Bob is most certainly a good leader! He's not perfect, as you say he doesn't have to be. In the past we've picked a few holes in his argument, but he's actually good at making it seem strong. His ideas are on the right trAck, anyway.

There are different ways of leading, such as from in front or behind (no rude comments here please ).

A leader must have the courage of their convictions. If they don't believe in themselves and their leadership and what and who they are leading, they can't lead.

Love Julesxxx
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I have never been too taken with any particular politician, or political system. I prefer too look inwards and therefore am more interested in things like eastern philosophy, meditation, and psychotherapy and art in general,  as 'solutions' for the problems of modern life.

Many of the sixties counter culture figures are more my cup of tea than politicians. Part of the problem of modern society is that lots of people are very materialistic and only want the latest products. When not being materialistic they are just vapid, content to watch celebrity tv and idle their lives away on twitter. How can you lead shallow people, whose outlook on life is lets face it , pretty limited?

Some societies are better organised than others ,but in general the problem is the human condition that is basically not amendable to neat political solutions. As the song goes'if it aint one thing it's another'.smile


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