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Post Info TOPIC: Sneering at Bono, Brand and BAnd Aid? You snob!

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Sneering at Bono, Brand and BAnd Aid? You snob!

This is an article by Sam Delaney in the Big Issue magazine a couple of weeks ago or so (not online so I had to type it out)- and I concur:

Geldof's been swearing on the news again. Bono's joined in on another BAnd Aid. Russell Brand is all over the box trying to incite revolution. Myleene Klass went on the Agenda to moan about the mansion tax. Famous people, eh? If they're not submerging themselves in the synthetic indulgences of celebrity lifestyle, they're using their fame to promote serious issues. Either way they're all bastards, right?


No, you are. You are a bastard. You are the bastard because you think a little bloke like Bono in a leather jacket and silly sunglasses has got no place talking about 'serious' issues. You think he's only doing it to make himself look important and clever and kind. You think a rich successful rock star should know his place and spend the autumn of his career doing coke off of sex-workers' boobs instead of helping staving children in the third world. You think Bono is only helping them in order to make himself look good. So bloody what if he is? By trying to make himself look good maybe e really is doing good. What difference do his motivations make?


You're a bastard because you think Russell Brand's revolution is a phoney bid for attention and book sales. But if Brand wanted more attention and book sales he would have written a book about having sex with Katy Perry or hanging out with the Hollywood superstars. That would have sold a gazillion more copies than a load of old bollocks about the injustices of capitalism. You're a bastard because you sneer at Brand's eloquence. You think a bloke with an estuary accent using long words must be a fake. You're a snob. A snobby bastard. Becuase you dismiss Brand's opinions about economics and society as flimsy and ill-considered. Sure, like you're so smart you only respect opnions based on sound, academic levels of rigour and research. Thats why you devour The Economist every week, right?


You're a bastard because you think Myleen Klass out of Hear Say 'owned' Ed Miliband over the mansion tax. You think it was great that a normal, down-to-earth mum took on a stuffy politician over his out-of-touch politics. But Klass isn't a dwon-to-earth mother at all. She is a multi-millionaire who is cross becasue sh wants to pay less tax. While Brand is a multi-millionaire who is cross because he thinks he should be paying more tax. Do you really need telling who the biggest bastard is out of those two?


And please don't take offence at me calling you a bastard. It was figurative. I wanst acutally talking to you I was talking to the bloke sat next to you. The one in the cords.



^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^


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I was born in wedlock,  but if you want me called a figurative bastard, I'll live with that in relation to Brand. 

I hold virtually all those opinions about him and many more,  so maybe I'm even more of a bastard than you think. Figuratively speaking.



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