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Post Info TOPIC: The Convention - Bob doesn't like Brexit does he

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The Convention - Bob doesn't like Brexit does he

Here's Bob at the Politics convention that i went to the other week, speaking about brexit and stuff


do say if i got this wrong, but bob thinks that when we brexit we'll be more likely to scrap eachother with the EU and more likely to end up in a war...

if he is right, doesn't it show how incredibly immature we are as nations..... considering this is now 2017 and we're afraid of war if we leave europe

it's like people don't see us as friends because we will no longer be part of EU

bob resents Brexit. I RESENT the fact that without free trade with the EU we're apparently doomed.

i RESENT the fact that countries are pulling eachothers strings

I RESENT the utter interdependence between nations

I RESENT that we cannot be truly free

I RESENT that we look no further than importing and exporting

I RESENT that this goes completely against the grain of nature itself. whilst we have this daft import/export OBSESSION we pollute and rape the environment all the more..... our own industries get undercut by the global market as well as poor farmers in the lesser developed countries.  we become more and more dependent on big business.  If we were to listen more to Mother Nature herself, then we would work towards becoming as self sufficient as possible where reasonable.

i wring my hands out in despair that we, according to bob, cannot move away from the EU to do our own thing, without feeling threatened or vulnerable.

damn it... i don't want poor countries relying on our imports, i think they'd be far better off self sufficient too.

some of the countries most richest in resources have the poorest most desperate inhabitants

that's global markets for you

were politics not so incredibly immature i'd be saying leave EU, lets be grown up about this, sod EU politics, why is trade our ONLY salvation?? why is MONEY the only thing that binds us together. why are RELATIONS all about bloomin profits?

time for more mature relations that don't involve strategies like a game of chess.

we behave like enemies for goodness sake. with the EU. after all these years of being a member we're no more friendly with Europe than we were 20 years ago. it's just awful. relations should be through sharing NOT bribery and blackmail.

i hate the whole bloomin system

ideally we will head towards brexit. that is in ideal circumstances i.e. if us europeans were more kind and more grown up. instead of all this hard ball. hard faced poltiicians. EU were never friends. that's obvious. everyone with their own selfish agenda.

ideally we wouldnt need EU

so much for freedom.  our 'friends' in EU are like chains around our neck.

yeh we need to be sharing.  sharing arts, sharing culture. sharing the wonders of this world.

not holding eachother over a barrell.


sorry i've typed this out quickly as stuck for time.








^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^

The Fine Art of Surfacing

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imagine a whole world within a country

then, imagine the globe as one country.

because we have becoming/are becoming the latter

i'd MUCH rather see trade devolved from being global to being local

this macro economic thing is **** its crap its for losers

micro economics and micro politics, were we able to, were the world to let us, would give us more freedoms and more liberties.

vote Joan Of Arc The Visionary

so all my fave people have been saying remain. so i voted remain. since my view is that it's all such a pile of pants we are lost in it! remain was never ideal to me. neither is brexit.

i feel remain is trying to make the best out of a shedload of MESS.

Brexit is idealistically best way. problem is things aren't idealistic.

change britain from within.

i dont quite understand why we're all banging on about changing Europe from within...... countries are too different. countries differ too much in character and make up. i would urge all european members to do the same. work from within their own countries. perhaps if the whole bloomin sad european conglomerate were to disband altogether, it would be ideal.

the EU member ship is like a flipping marriage certificate. it doesnt mean you appreciate it any more than before the marriage. in fact isn't it possible that some marriages are carried out for the wrong reasons.

it is perhaps a sign of maturity when we can trust so much and feel so at one in peace and UNDERSTANDING that we don't need a marriage. marriages in it's physical form are only about money really. **** the marriage. if we are caring we will come up with a plan where the love never ever dies. and if it's only money holding us together then it's quite frankly a SHAM. so let's be mature. we should of avoided divorce and never got married in the first place since it was all about commerce.

no love lost there then.

^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^
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