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Differential treatment for stars

it seems it sometimes doesn't it. all these vip's. ya know i mean look sting's walking! quick! roll out the red carpet so he doesn't have to touch humble soil with the soles of his feet huh.

ok so lets turn that right on its head shall we.  let's take the sex life of a football star. it's our business right? it's all our business all his problems cos he's stinking rich right and so we own his arse right?


so we'll go to sting and say 'so don't forget your humble beginnings son' like we know him right. like we know he's forgotten. cos we dont' knwo him. so how do you know what he thinks. but still the public turn against stars dont they. especially when they try to get political. we shoot them down on forums and to eachother. and all the while we worsten the sitution. we worsen this thing that  could be a little more humble between people.  


so we're not on our soap boxes shouting ya all minted .u.t.s and so therefore you're knob for saying what you just said. you think cos you got money you can come out with political statements now do you? well we own ya arse.  It's called Joe Bloggs ownership disorder complex. joe bloggs goes round thinking he owns footballers arses cos when he sees them got down in the papers, he smiles and thinks at least i'm not that poor billionaire football barstard having his sex life blurted out all over th epapers. but they know what they're getting into so it's alright isn't it.

nope. i dont' think so. i think the fairer these very well off individuals are treated as though they're just another bloggs, will bring them back down to earth a bit and sting will not only go without the red carpet but he'll take his shoes off too and put his bare feet into the humble soil. and wiggles his toes and enjoy it.  if only the circumtances were right and if only people made it bode well for it to happen.


^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^
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