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Post Info TOPIC: The Man Who Betrayed the Poor
Did Geldof Betray The Poor? [5 vote(s)]

Yes! Geldof is a corrupt Blair croney!
Yes! But only because he is greedy. His record sales went up 1000% after the Live8 concerts.
Maybe. Geldof is majorly misguided, but meant no harm.
Maybe. Geldof is strange and it's hard to know what he's thinking.
No, Geldof did his best and deserves to be recognised for his contribution.
Who is Bob Geldof?

Lookin' After Number 1

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The Man Who Betrayed the Poor
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Have you guys seen the article by George Monbiot about Geldof? It's really harsh and accuses Geldof of all sorts of Betrayal. But Monbiot is usually such a clever honest writer! I reckon readers should make up their own mind. Please read it and tell me what you reckon!

The Man Who Betrayed The Poor

Even as the G8 promises fall apart, Geldof stays silent By George Monbiot.

Published in the Guardian 6th September 2005

Two months have not elapsed since the G8 summit, and already almost everything has turned to ashes. 


 It seems to me that Geldof has played the same game. He seized a campaign which commanded great public enthusiasm, which had the potential gravely to embarrass Tony Blair and George Bush. He asked us to focus not on the harm the G8 leaders were doing, but on the help they might give. When they failed to deliver, he praised them anyway. His endorsement and the public forgetfulness it prompted helped license them to start reversing their commitments. When they did so, he said nothing. This looks to me like more than just political naivity. It looks as if he is working for the other side. I don’t mean that this is what he intended – or intends – to do. I mean that he came to identify with the people he was supposed to be lobbying. By ensuring that the campaign was as much about him as about Africa, he ensured that if they failed, he failed. He needed a story with a happy ending. There is just one thing that Geldof can now do for Africa. This is to announce that his optimism was misplaced, that the mission was not accomplished, that the struggle for justice is as urgent as ever. But while he holds his tongue, he will remain the man who betrayed the poor.

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Old news
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A thread already exists on this subject (see Finally Some Truth - and it has been discussed way back in September when the article was written.  Please use the search faciltiy.  Also do not copy entire articles as this infringes copyright. I am closing this

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 What is this bloke talking about? 
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