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i know i know 'she's off on one about politics again'

yeh I know lol

and is speak from a fairly ignorant viewpoint. and I am aware of this. but I do wonder about stuff.

Like all this EU and brexit stuff.

I know mr Geldof is a remainer. so much so he's supporting lib dems I read, because apparently they're the only ones with the bottle to stand against brexit.

well I totally respect mr Geldof's opinions.  I just do. my inner gut instinct is that he comes from a reasonably good place.  in fact maybe even from some very good places.

and again I will state that I'm pretty ignorant about this brexit stuff.  same, I believe, as quite a few of us.

but anyway, what's the EU for? we give them tonnes of money, for what? so they can have jobs or summat? doing what? what do they do that we can't do in our own parliament?

what gets me is that we're never really properly educated in the mainstream media. I mean the media says a lot, but it's all shallow bollox isn't it. 

I see some people say it's cos Britain is so xenophobic or racist that they voted brexit.

but in my ignorance, I see another reason.  which is it seems superfluous to me to have this union costing Britain billions, and for what? I mean what does the EU do that British parliament can't????  apart from mates' deals and all that cos we're members of this little club, on things like trading.  **** that though. I mean why should we have to pay to keep this institution going that is the EU so that they can pay the massive bills just to run the damn thing, just so they can do what we can do on a national level??  it's superfluous.  and also basically why should the 'EU' have power over who their member states can trade freely with and not? I mean presumably all the remaining EU countries can't really trade freely with us can they? unless the institution says they can.  I mean it's not just us that are threatened with an end to free trade, it's the other remaining members too isn't it? if I got the wrong end of the stick please forgive me. if I seem like a dunce I'm sorry.

but this institutionalisation of countries that have their own characters, own history that make up their personalities and culture etc. are being ruled by a load more stuff that they pay through the nose for, when they could all just do it at home.

plus, I am thinking about all this money stuff, who owes who, and how much it costs us to leave eu and all that.  and it made me think of that saying about not going into business with mates, cos it might break the friendship.  so atm apparently this giving money makes us all friends. bollox does it.  giving money is bull****. trading and business doesn't make friends on its own.  and then people are surprised when brexit gets the vote.  I mean most people I would imagine are like 'well what is this EU thing again? what's it supposed to do??? who the hell is the EU? half the people prob don't even know who their local MEP is, much less know anything about the people at the top of the decision making process within the EU establishment.  I don't. and I reckon neither do prob 50% of the country either.

yeh I would say ideally the whole thing dismantles personally.  and instead share more about our history, philosophy, art, culture, film, music.  when did you last hear a French or dutch band played on our radio or see a german film on tv?? truth is we don't even know anything about these people. what the hell?

so this racist xenophobic thing, give me a break. it's ignorance.  but whose fault is that? not joe blog's if you ask me. not our fault.  EU my bloody arse.



^^^^^Cool post as always Joan^^^^^^^^
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